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5 Advantages of Hidden Doors

Concealed installation doors are one of the best solutions for rationalism and minimalism. The design includes “invisible” screws, boxes and hinges. At the same time, hidden doors fit perfectly into the classic style.

Concealed installation doors have several advantages. The most obvious among them: is the ability to merge with the wall, high aesthetics, compactness, the possibility of installation in slots with non-standard parameters, and savings during installation. To choose a hidden door, go to the website of a specialized company without wasting time.

Types of invisible doors

The modern range of hidden doors is diverse. The criteria for their differentiation can be both the hiddenness of the fastening elements and the method of opening.

According to the first criterion, single-sided and double-sided invisible doors are distinguished. Canvases hidden on one side are easier to mount. They are lighter and cheaper. Installation of double-sided hidden doors is somewhat more difficult. As building materials, glass, plastic or aluminum are more often used.

The choice of the opening method allows you to divide the door panels into hinged, swing doors, which provide for opening and closing in both directions, as well as roto structures that rotate around an axis. Hinged doors have gained popularity due to the simplicity and cheapness of installation.

The ability to merge with the wall

Concealment is a rather practical property of doors, especially if for some reason the door leaf does not match the interior. This applies to premises that are not used to advertise – to wardrobes, bathrooms and pantries. Often, one type of wallpaper is used for “camouflage” for walls and doors. Doors and walls that are harmoniously located on the same plane visually expand the space, “extending” the rooms and “raising” the ceilings. This is especially true for tall doors.

The possibility of providing high aesthetic properties

Giving doors aesthetic properties, for example, by making them mirror-like, or by giving them the features of a design masterpiece, allows you to fit the door leaf into almost any interior.

A competently placed mirror allows you to visually double the space. Several manufacturers use an aluminum edge around the perimeter of the door leaf as a decorative and stabilizing element, which not only protects the door from mechanical damage, but also increases its service life.

Sometimes ornaments or drawings are applied to the surface of the door, wall panels are installed, or they are formatted as a panel. In the latter case, the door panel turns into a painting, reliably camouflaging the entrance to the room.


This property provides the opportunity to install hidden doors in any limited space for any non-standard layouts. These can be both small-sized apartments and narrow corridors. A compact hidden door to the bathroom is quite a good solution and an indisputable plus.

The possibility of installation in holes with non-standard parameters

The benefit is savings and additional use of space, for example, in rooms with slanted ceilings or non-standard doorways.

Savings during installation

The absence of costs for molding and a traditional door frame allows you to significantly save on the installation of hidden doors.

On the eve of repair work, during their planning, sacramento custom home builder advises their customers to visit buildings where hidden doors are installed to visually assess their advantages and decide on the appropriate decision.

Place of hidden doors in modern design

Invisible doors are confidently conquering the market of modern installation works primarily due to original design innovations, devoid of the usual excesses. The harmony of the right lines creates a feeling of lightness and lightness, which is necessary for any premises.

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