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How to Learn English at Beginners Level

When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean- neither more nor less

                     Lewis Caroll- Humpty Dumpty

English is the only language which is spoken all around the world. Many countries use books written in English for teaching different subjects. It is not only necessary for a person to learn English only if he or she is living in an English-speaking country.

The foremost step is to know the basics of English. To start with the basics you must first know parts of speech. Then start with the word order, sentence making, types of sentences, punctuations then comes tenses.


The part of speech to which a word belongs guides its use in a sentence and defines the correct word order and punctuation. Knowing the role that each word has in a sentence structure clearly helps to understand sentences and also to construct them properly.

This sentence believe to have all eight parts of speech

“Wow! His monkeys really jumps so high up”

Wow -> interjection, his -> pronoun, monkeys-> noun, really-> adverb, jumps ->verb, so -> conjunction, high->adjective up->preposition.

Knowing all parts of speech helps strengthen your English speaking and writing.

To make learning fun you can also do some random searches like noun that start with letter x. This is just a hack to learn the English language with a touch of entertainment.


Now comes one of the most basic rules of English: the word order, like any other language, English has some basic order which helps us to create a sentence. The subject should always come first, then comes the verb, then the object and after that any adverb phrases (if there is any).

Changing the order of the sentence can change the meaning of it.

For Example,

She is cooking a meal

If we disturb the word, order like

Cooking meal is she

The entire sentence makes no sense.


There are three types of sentences; simple, compound, and complex sentences

Simple sentence has one independent clause.

Compound sentence has two independent clauses.

Complex sentence has one dependent clause joined to an independent clause.


There are mainly four types of sentences in the English language.

Declarative: it is a sentence that makes a statement or conveys information.

Exclamatory: it is an exclamation sentence which expresses strong emotion.

Imperative: it is a sentence that expresses a direct command instruction warning or invitation.

Interrogative: it is a sentence that asks a question.

Negative: this is an additional type of sentence which states that something is false.


It includes the use of capital and small letters and how to build up different sentences into a paragraph. Punctuation marks are simple to create and support meaning within a sentence or to break it up.

There are 14 punctuation marks that are used in the English language. These are the period, question mark, Exclamation point, comma, colon, semicolon, dash, hyphen, brackets, braces, parentheses, apostrophe, ellipsis.


Tenses communicate and events location and time. There are different ‌tenses identified by their associated verb form; It mainly categorized them into; past, present and future.


There are many benefits of learning English. The English language will also help you during traveling as most countries use English as the common language of communication.

These are some tips to improve your English. First and foremost is to listen to English daily, be it on television, radio, English movies, Netflix series, newspaper or news channels.

This is one of the best ways to make yourself comfortable and to know the exact pronunciation and a proper way to speak English.

The next step is to read English stories, newspapers, subtitles given below any movie or Netflix series, read signs and labels of products available in supermarkets and give 15 minutes daily for reading.

Now make a notebook to build your vocabulary. Write 5 new words daily with their meaning and how to use them in a sentence. Practicing it daily will definitely increase your vocabulary and command over English.

You can also ask your friend or classmate to practice dialogue. Give yourself a situation or you can practice on different theater stories like Red Riding hood; one of you can be the Red Riding Hood and the other one can be the wolf.

Above mentioned are some of the basic tips to improve your English and be the best at it.

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