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88New scam – Truth or just baseless rumors?

88New scam is currently confusing information in the betting community. As a reputable unit with many years of operation, recent scam rumors are worrying NEW88 members. Let’s find out the truth of this news right in the following article!

1. News 88New scams cause panic in the betting community

In recent years, the field of online betting is growing stronger and stronger. However, familiar names like 88New always capture the hearts of bettors. This unit has always been a destination that gamers want to visit every day for entertainment.

Thought that a reputable platform like 88new would never get involved in a scandal. However, now, the betting community is buzzing with information that 88new scams users. After only a short time of appearing, these articles have become a hot topic with a terrible amount of interaction. When this news appeared, the gamer was wobbly and nervously standing still.

2. Information 88New scam is real?

The scam 88new rumors are making the public extremely confused and raising great questions. However, these are just false rumors and have no clear basis. 88new’s competitors want to launch such articles to bring down the house’s reputation.

In addition, there are also many players who intend to circumvent the law to profit from promotions and are sanctioned by New88. Therefore, they feel pressing to release false information for the purpose of affecting the house’s reputation.

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Stemming from these reasons, it can be seen that 88new scam is false and untrue information. Since its establishment, New88 has not hesitated to publicize its policies as well as affirm its legal operation.

The house has been licensed by the competent authorities, and is under the management of the current agency. Therefore, when you sign up for a New88 betting account, you can be completely assured. Absolutely do not because of baseless rumors that miss the opportunity to experience the best service quality!

3.Objective assessment of the reputation of 88New

It is not natural that 88new lừa đảo a hot name in the Vietnamese betting village in recent years. According to analysis from a team of leading experts, this is a reputable platform with the following basic information.

3.1New88 operates legally, subject to government supervision

The first evidence to confirm that 88new is a scam is not the first fact that it is a legal license. New88 has long been licensed to operate by Isle of Man & Cagayan Economic Zone and Free Port. In addition, this betting site is also managed by the Philippine government, so there can be no fraud or fraud.

All betting entertainment activities at New88 are guaranteed to comply with all legal regulations. Therefore, there will be no phenomenon of the house cheating users. Because if the competent authorities detect 88New fraud, the penalty that this unit must bear will be extremely heavy.

3.2 Strong security system

New88’s security system is always highly appreciated by the house members. With the world’s leading modern encryption technology and solid firewall, it is difficult for hackers to penetrate.

Moreover, the bookie has also made its privacy policies and regulations clear on the system. Only when the player agrees to all these terms can he participate successfully. New88 also commits to never sell player information. So, if you read the scam 88new news, don’t rush to believe it!

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3.3 Diversity of bonus games

New88 betting site always ensures to provide users with a variety of reward game products. Compared to many other bookmakers on the market today, 88New is confident to bring members the best quality betting service. Whether you are passionate about lottery, casino, card games or sports betting, cockfighting, … Just coming to the house New88 will be satisfied every day.

3.4 Dedicated customer care

With a team of professional and well-trained customer service staff, New88 is always ready to support whenever customers need. Every concern and question gamers encounter will be responded to with amazing speed.

Whether you contact via live chat, gmail or zalo,… New88’s support department will also receive and reply as soon as possible. So, don’t worry about 88new scam, don’t give up when you have problems using New88 service!

Through the above sharing, it can be seen that the fraudulent 88new information is completely incorrect. In the face of unconfirmed articles and news, gamers need to maintain their point of view. Absolutely do not ignore a reputable unit like New88 because of false rumors!

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