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Features of  Siding as Material

Every builder knows how “facing” sounds when translated into English: it is siding – in a narrower sense, panels for exterior decoration of buildings.

Siding is native to North America, where it has been actively used in private residential construction for over a hundred years. Usually, by siding we mean vinyl sheets. From the series “cheap and angry”. However, at first, it was wooden boards nailed to the wall at a special angle (in our opinion, clapboard). They did it with one simple goal – to protect houses from the adverse effects of the environment.

By our time, siding, like any reasonable thing, has evolved: it is made of different materials, improved protective properties, increased service life, and acquired an aesthetic function. Thanks to this every homeowner can choose a facing to his taste and wallet.

In this short review, we will look at the types of facing panels, of which there were quite a few on the market.

Vinyl siding is most in demand among consumers primarily due to the price/quality ratio. These are thin panels made of polyvinyl chloride, which differ in shape and texture.

Advantages of the material:

  1. Easy and quick installation, which even a sysadmin can handle.
  2. Long service life (up to 50 years).
  3. Undemanding in care, it is quite simple to wash if necessary.
  4. He is not afraid of moisture, mold, or insects.
  5. Environmentally safe, does not interfere with ventilation.
  6. Democratic price.

Disadvantages include simple appearance. In addition, despite the declared wide operating temperature range, vinyl siding is not recommended for use in harsh climatic conditions – it cracks.

Wooden siding is made of pressed wood with the addition of binder resins. Despite the naturalness of the base and a more attractive appearance, this type of cladding is reasonably inferior in popularity to vinyl. With a higher cost and a shorter service life, wooden siding requires special care and attention.

Fiber cement siding has become widespread in the construction market relatively recently. It is carried out by the method of autoclaving from cement, sand, water, and reinforcing cellulose fibers. This facade material is unlikely to please those who want to get rid of it cheaper, especially in the case of foreign production. But, except for the price, it has advantages over vinyl and wood. In particular, about visual characteristics, we offer n panels that differ in a variety of aesthetic textures, well imitating wood, stone, brick, plaster.

Features of the material:

  1. Environmental friendliness.
  2. Fire resistance.
  3. Strength and durability (up to 20-50 years).
  4. It tolerates temperature changes well.
  5. Do not be afraid of moisture, mold, insects, rodents.
  6. Presentable appearance.

As you can see, today, even in the economic segment of cladding, there is a pronounced stratification into categories from super-economical to luxury materials, such as fiber cement. But whichever type of siding kansas city you choose, it’s quite a convenient and practical type of siding that will serve you for many (and possibly happy) years.

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