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Russell Wilson Cheating Rumors

Rumors are swirling that Russell Wilson is cheating on his wife. However, his wife and the man himself have kept quiet. Reina Westberg, an Instagram model, has alleged that Wilson cheated on her. The video shows the couple arguing and calling each other crude names, a sign of infidelity. But Russell’s silence has fans wondering. In addition to his girlfriend’s pregnancy, Reina is also a free agent who will be a free agent in 2020.

Despite the recent reports, it is unlikely that Russell Wilson has been cheated on by his girlfriend. The NFL drafted him in the third round of the 2012 draft. He signed a four-year, $2.99 million contract with the Seattle Seahawks two weeks later. A few weeks later, the couple filed for divorce. But it’s unclear whether Wilson and Meem really did cheat on each other, or if he and Meem simply separated.

However, the allegations of Russell Wilson cheating haven’t ceased after the NFL star denied it. Ciara’s previous relationship with Future also ended in 2014 and she filed a legal document claiming that she had been cheated on by Future. However, the NFL player’s girlfriend hasn’t commented publicly on the accusations. Apparently, she wasn’t happy about the fact that she’s dating a woman who had been married before her.

While the rumors surrounding Ciara’s relationship with Russell Wilson are far from true, there’s no evidence to support these claims. Whether or not the couple’s relationship is cheating, the two-time Super Bowl MVP has a great deal of financial security. In addition to the lucrative NFL contract, Wilson also makes millions of dollars off of brand endorsements and other sponsorships. In addition to rumors, he’s also a devout Christian.

Despite all the scandals that surround Russell Wilson, he has managed to maintain an image of squeaky clean. In November 2017, he was accused of cheating after suffering a head injury. The Seahawks didn’t properly administer concussion protocol, resulting in his sidelined status. Russell Wilson, however, is still playing football, and the scandal has not stopped him from being a star quarterback.

Ciara and Wilson married in July 2016, and welcomed a daughter in 2017. Despite the scandals, the couple have not lost sight of each other. Wilson shared his excitement about having a baby with Ciara in February 2020. The two are expecting their third child, and he recently shared that he spoils his wife while she is pregnant. If they are indeed cheating, then Wilson should explain what he did to make the relationship work.

Ashton Meem is Russell Wilson’s ex-wife. Ashton met Wilson in the early 2000s and was subsequently introduced to her by him at a summer party. The two started dating and then became close. Wilson and Ashton later transferred to the same university, where Meem was studying for her master’s degree. It’s still unclear whether Wilson is cheating on his wife.

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