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Jun88 And The Reason To Join The Cockfighting At The Casino

casino jun88 cockfighting is very popular because bettors will always be able to participate in extremely attractive and fierce matches. The rules of the game at the chicken school are also very easy to imagine. So what are the outstanding advantages of this form? Let’s take a deep dive into this subject!

1.Learn about cock fighting style Jun88

Different from other forms, players fighting cocksaw Jun88 will see cocks equipped with spurs in two main forms, small knives or iron spurs. Small knives will be able to cut through sharper skin. The second type, like an iron nail, has the effect of penetrating the opponent’s body.

You can see that fighting cocks will rely on the endurance of two cocks. But for this form of cockfighting at, the effect of weapons will be stronger. Just a few hits to a vulnerable spot will result in instant death. Thus, the battle can be turned upside down in a split second.

To play cockfight at Jun88, players need experience, the ability to judge the situation according to the time, the tempo of the match. Difficult to say is not difficult because the procedure of this type is very simple compared to the traditional way of playing. Playing a game of cockfight at Jun88 will require very little time and in a day can play dozens of games or more.

Find out about the cockfighting playground of the house Jun88

2.Details of online cockfighting rules at Jun88

Players participating in online cockfighting at Jun88 will watch the matches through live videos shot at famous cockfighting schools in Cambodia. At that time, players need to carefully observe each rooster before playing to start betting.

The rules of online cockfighting at Jun88 are also quite simple if you learn through a few matches. After the chickens are released and start fighting, the umpire will issue a catch order when one of the chickens is caught in the spur, the umpire will have full authority to order the execution of the catch. If released, chickens should be caught immediately whether or not they show the sign.

Xem :

At the time in the cockfight at Jun88, no one is allowed to touch the chicken except for the order to catch the chicken, if there is a catch order, the chicken must follow it immediately.

The order to catch the cock will be given once the cock is caught in the opponent’s spur or the ring wall or during the event of a mistake.

The jockey must not touch his opponent’s cock during the match.

Jun88 An Attractive Game Gate That You Shouldnt Ignore1

The rules of cockfight that the house bettor should know

3.Striking advantage of Jun88 cockfighting game

It can be said that the United States is the cradle of fierce cockfighting and Jun88 has linked up with cockfighting cocks in this country to bring you the most exciting battles. This place is considered the origin of this form and attracts many fans because each battle brings great attraction. Therefore, many bettors prefer Jun88 cockfighting.

3.1 The speed of the match is very fast, no need to wait long

Normally, a traditional cockfight will last from 15-30 minutes. That also depends on the time to rest between rounds, making the match boring and less dramatic. Therefore, the birth of Jun88 cockfighting knife will overcome this disadvantage of traditional cockfighting. This form is like a life-and-death battle, the cocks with more weapons will be empowered, creating sharp blows that make the opponent fall.

If hit by a dangerous attack, it will be difficult for the opponent to stand up. Therefore, it only takes 5 minutes for a match to be completed. That’s why there are hundreds of matches every day at Jun88.

3.2 Every Jun88 cockfight is very dramatic

The cocks bring blood and excitement when meeting the opponent on the other side. Now with more spurs, the attraction will increase, the two sides will have equal strength and the fight will be short, but the outcome will be decided in an instant.

3.3 Gain knowledge of different types of fighting cocks

There are many types of chicken commonly used, however not all are suitable for use in this sport. But if players want to bet effectively on Jun88 cocks, they need to know the characteristics of different chicken breeds.

Peruvian fighting cock: This type of chicken has a thick feathered tail and wings, large, bright eyes and is carefully cared for to keep the head from being damaged. This is the form chosen by many bettors at Jun88.

Chicken Noi: is a special breed of fighting chicken of Vietnam, raised for traditional fighting or fighting with knives. This chicken has a big body, big body ̀ possesses outstanding strength.

Jun88 cock fighting with American fighting breed: A fighting cock with very large and sharp spurs, considered one of the strongest fighting cocks.

Jun88 An Attractive Game Gate That You Shouldnt Ignore2

Reasons to join online cockfighting

Through the above article, you must have clearly understood the advantages of participating in online cockfighting at Jun88, right? This form of cockfight possesses many advantages compared to the traditional type of cockfight, but depending on the preferences of each person, there will be different opinions. If you guys like this type, please comment below!

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