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NEW88 Tips Is Kicking a Chicken to Death Really Effective?

According to the rewritten history of cockfighting, there are many different forms of competition. In addition to normal attacks, there will be advanced attacks that cause high casualties. So what are the tricks? NEW88 chicken killing blow considered fatal, sneaking up on the enemy in just 1 note?
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Among the most deadly and poisonous attacks that professionals must know. NEW88 Chicken Killing KickThis is common in cockfighting and spur fights. First, we will agonize over the rooster’s comb, use the comb as a fulcrum and then give a powerful blow to the opponent’s neck. In mild cases, the opponent may sprain their neck, fall to the ground, and stagger. If your strength is strong enough, you can instantly start tearing the opponent apart and be wary of knocking the opponent down.

The kicker unleashes an extremely dangerous serious injury

This is also a very common damaging move on playgrounds cockfighting NEW88. In this move, the cock suddenly jumps up and hits the opponent straight in the face, making it impossible for the opponent to turn back and be challenged. This move will not cause immediate damage, but will momentarily freeze the opponent. Thereby preventing them from continuing to participate in the game immediately. But if the rooster kicks this kick, it can also kill the opponent, blind and head-blind.

Continuously kicking arrows knocks down opponents quickly

Chieu NEW88 chicken killing blow This is an extremely dangerous move, i.e. continuous kicking. The rooster will attack the same part of the opponent’s body 3-4 times in a row. When the enemy is startled, disoriented and unable to counterattack. Any warrior who can follow this stone path must be of “status”. Because they not only possess good technology but are also well-trained and highly capable. To be able to connect successfully, the chosen cock must have a hard beak, super strong wings and extremely strong legs.

Tip NEW88: Effective cock-fighting moves for beginners

Of course, every competitor wants their player to win. To do so, you should refer to some cockfighting tips below.

Prioritize choosing to raise fighting chickens

The experience that is sure to win matches is to own a rooster with good fighting style and good health. Therefore, options are like conditions that cannot be ignored. To have the best chicks, the breed must be carefully selected and of the best breed.

To perform NEW88 chicken kick to death, Normally, farmers should also choose breeds based on fur style, color and stone pattern. For professional cockers, the signs of a good cocker can be recognized by observing specialized scales such as sky scales, armor scales, etc.

Good regime form is very important

In order for a chicken to shine in the arena, it must be professionally trained from the beginning. There are many exercise formats NEW88 Chicken Killing Kick But each type will have its own practice method. Therefore, in addition to applying basic skills, players also need to find a training regimen that suits them.

Good fighting chickens need to have a balanced body, not too skinny and not too fat. Therefore, nutrition and exercise need to go hand in hand so that roosters do not become underweight or overweight.

The rooster’s diet needs to be very scientific according to each different stage of development. Usually they have 4 types of food. Along with that are the best supplements to help increase fitness and build muscle. Food groups must be balanced to ensure chicken health.

To be able to apply the knowledge NEW88 Chicken Killing KickThe nurturing process is also an important stepping stone. The experience of raising fighting cocks is creating a perfect living environment for us. Make sure your cocks are flying freely, minimizing flares. The barn area needs to be cleaned regularly. This will help limit the growth of any disease-causing bacteria in the barn area.

NEW88 dead chicken kicks create an ideal environment for players

To be able to apply knowledge NEW88 chicken killing blow The nurturing process is also an important stepping stone. The experience of raising fighting chickens is to create a perfect living environment for them. Make sure your cocks can fly freely, minimizing pathogens. The barn area needs to be cleaned regularly. This will help limit the growth of any disease-causing bacteria in the barn area.
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There are many ways to build a barn, but the basic requirement is that the barn needs to be cool. Easy to clean and securely shielded from wind and rain. In addition, you need to keep track of their vaccination schedule. Paying attention to disease notifications and handling time are also experiences in raising fighting chickens that you should know.

In addition, you cannot participate in the gold competition during the competition experience but need to calmly observe and think carefully before making a decision. Because many new cocks learn to fight but only for the first few minutes, as the fighting power progresses, the fighting power will decrease. Because just a rooster is not the same as a “horse that is not hungry”, the chicks in the coop need to be calmly chosen.

Pay attention to the herd’s health when going into battle

This main software is applied when bringing chickens to the racetrack. Because if the distance is too much, it can easily cause discomfort for the whole herd. Climate change is also a factor that reduces their health and affects the course of the match. Therefore, it is important to take measures every time you send your warrior to compete.

Above are the tricksNEW88 Chicken Killing Kick Extremely dangerous, shared by previous experts. Wishing you success in training your chickens and having an invincible “top of the top” chickenBookmaker NEW88 Please!

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