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Experience should be experienced in shooting fish in groups or individually for experts

ExperienceShould you shoot fish in groups or individually? is a lesson and guideline that people who love this type of game should grasp to get the highest scores for themselves. Let’s listen to the experiences of the experts here New88 to get a lot of money from fish shooting game.
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What makes fish shooting games so famous?

It can be seen that fish shooting games have appeared on the market for a relatively long time. Fish shooting games often appear in commercial centers, supermarkets or entertainment areas. But with the development of information technology, many game publishers have created online fish shooting games. Players can play right on the web platform and mobile phones.

The prize-winning fish shooting game creates many attractive game titles with many new and more attractive features that have helped the game become familiar to many users today. Not only that, the online fish shooting game for prizes is increasingly approaching many ages. Besides, the reasons why fish shooting game is outstanding today are:

  • Games played online can be played anytime, anywhere on many device platforms
  • Diverse genres and themes for fish shooting games
  • The gameplay is simple and easy to understand
  • The game graphics are very beautiful and vivid
  • The bonus is extremely attractive

Instructions on whether to shoot fish in groups or individually

Surely when participating in any game you will have the desire to win plus shooting down more fish will be even better. But it’s not easy to hit the fish and get the most coins. Therefore, players need to know how to shoot fish to win a lot of coins. The following is sharing about the work Should you shoot fish in groups or individually:

Shoot fish individually

This shooting method will be suitable for those who are just starting the game. You use small and medium bullets to shoot small to medium sized fish to minimize wasting coins. With this method, people should not pay too much attention to big fish because they are very difficult to shoot down and will only cause your account to quickly run out of coins.

How to play fish shooting in groups

If you shoot and destroy fish swimming in groups, you can use low-damage bullets to avoid wasting them. However, when you have shot 3 – 5 bullets but the fish still does not die, you should change to another fish object.

If you encounter a herd of more than 10 animals, you need to choose to use bullets with a very high level of damage. Then shoot 3 or 5 consecutive shots into the other school of fish, then your chances of killing the whole school will be higher.

Thus, with the question “ Should you shoot fish in groups or individually?, then you can make your decision based on each case and number of bullets.
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Some other super standard fish hunting tactics

Some other fish hunting and reward strategies include:

Tactics of tank shooting

One of the fish shooting tips that the experts who teach how to play fish shooting first mention is how to properly increase ammo while you play. With this way of playing, you should slowly increase your bullets to a greater or lesser amount of bullets. For example, at first, 1 bullet will be used for each fish to kill about 10 fish.

To be more specific, when you shoot all 100 bullets, you lose about 558 points but can still enjoy the score when shooting relatively large fish of about 1000 points. In particular, this method requires you to know how to shoot quickly and how to increase bullets at the right time to shoot to win a lot of coins.

Shoot the fish when it appears on the screen

It can be said that this is considered the perfect time for players to start hunting fish right away. With experience, calculating the probability of killing all types of fish when leaving the table is also relatively high. But you should note that aiming must be accurate and only applies to small and medium sized fish.

Use mustache playing

For many players, they often encounter the problem that they often set their winning goals very high, only focusing on destroying big fish or big bosses and forgetting about small fish. This can be seen as a way to play thinking that you are not good, because the risk will be high, consuming a larger amount of bullets. Using the whisk method will help you shoot both big and small fish, avoiding misses.


Above are some of the best ways to shoot fish and advice Should you shoot fish in groups or individually?Drawn by experienced players. It can be seen that this is a very attractive game that will help relieve stress and have the opportunity to earn an attractive profit. Hopefully with our way of playing fish shooting, you will have an interesting experience and achieve big wins.

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